Special Interest Travel in Bangkok

Bangkok's huge size means it has "something" for just about everyone. The links below will lead you to more information about all of the special activities the city has to offer.

Despite being a big city, there's a wealth of outdoor activities and sports opportunities available in and around Bangkok. See the link for some links to good sites with details on some of the most popular activities.
Business Tips
Thailand can be a highly rewarding, as well as a highly frustrating place to do business. Most Thais are keen to have their nation join the ranks of fully developed countries. They love to learn about the practices and technology of the West, yet they can stubbornly refuse to believe ideas that work effectively all over the world will work in Thailand. "This is Thailand" is the often-used excuse when people ask why things are done differently here. To help you get by if you're visiting Thailand on business, the linked page shares some of the things I've learned from working in Bangkok for close to 20 years.
Untainted by colonial influences, Thai culture retains a distinctiveness which the Thais themselves are very proud of. Royal patronage insures that the traditions live on and encourages the continuing participation of all citizens.
Family Fun
Bangkok can be a rather inhospitable place for families with children, especially little ones. The heat, traffic and many other factors can make things difficult. That doesn't mean there aren't places for families to go. There are in fact a great many places catering to families with children.
Gay / Lesbian
Although the authorities really wish it were otherwise - and, really, who are they to talk? - Bangkok has a rather well-earned reputation as a place with a thriving sex trade where "anything goes". All "tastes" are catered for, including men who like men. From rather commercial origins, Bangkok's gay community is becoming more westernized, although there's still a huge selection of host and go-go bars.
Health & Fitness
Staying fit and healthy while on the road can be a challenge. Granted, if you're on vacation you might be forgiven for giving the gym a miss. However, if you're on the road for business, you may want to find places to work off those business meals and airport junk food.
One complaint often heard about Bangkok is the lack of open space. Recent city administrations have paid attention, and over the past 10 years several new parks have been created, sometimes in rather creative ways.
We know there are many who think of Bangkok as a shopper's paradise. There are indeed some great bargains to be had, and there is certainly a lot to choose from, but we would be remiss if we didn't put in a word of caution: while there are bargains, many things, especially anything imported, is likely to be more expensive than elsewhere. Check prices of any planned major purchases at home before you leave.