Bangkok Activities and Sports

Despite being a big city, there's a wealth of outdoor activities and sports opportunities available in and around Bangkok. Here are some links to good sites with details on some of the most popular activities.

Thai Boxing (Muay Thai)

There is perhaps no sport more associated with Thailand than kick-boxing, or muay Thai as it's known in Thai, and the best place to see true professional fights is in Bangkok.


Golf was "the" game for the newly affluent middle class in the boom years of the 1990's. No self-respecting business man was without his set of clubs and memberships. Things have cooled down a bit, but there are still all those courses, some of them world class, and with some of the cheapest green fees in the world. Thailand was a mecca of sorts for golfers from around Asia seeking out good courses for a fair price. Here are some links to directories of golf courses in Thailand:

Thai Golf
Nicer look that Golf Net, plus more courses to choose from.

Golf Guides to Thailand

Globetrotter Golfers Guide to Thailand: More Than 50 Courses and Facilities (Globetrotters Golfer's Guides)


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With a large expatriate community, it should come as no surprise that Bangkok has an active slow-pitch softball league. If you're moving to Thailand or just visiting and like playing with your bat and balls, check out Bangkok International Softball League.


Sight-seeing from the back of a bicycle is becoming an increasingly popular, zero-emissions way of seeing Bangkok. A number of operators now offer various tours that promise to give you a glimpse of "unseen" parts of Bangkok. See our complete list of Bangkok's bicycle tour operators.