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The Thais divide the year into three seasons: the cool season, hot season, and rainy season. For most westerners, this translates to "hot," "really hot," and "really hot and wet." Temperatures rarely drop below 25° C (70° F). See the box at right for current conditions. Visit Weather Underground for more details. See below for a five day forecast.

Five-Day Bangkok Forecast

The cool season runs from December to March, although there's usually just one week in December when temperatures are actually comfortable. The heat starts to increase soon after the new year and by April or May it can be almost unbearably hot and humid. During the rainy season the downpours can be extremely heavy, but generally only last for an hour or so in the afternoon.

Average Monthly Highs & Lows for Bangkok (°C)
Average High and Low Temperatures for Bangkok

The rainy season, which coincides with the European and North American summers, is not an entirely bad time to visit. The rain cools down the temperatures a bit and cleans the air quite nicely. With the high temperatures, the rain is not exactly cold. Sometimes it can be like a warm shower. If you do visit during the rainy season, you might want to check out list of suggestions for rainy day activities in Bangkok.

Average Monthly Rainfall in Bangkok (in mm.)
Average monthl rainfall for Bangkok

It's worth noting that the rains peak in different parts of Thailand at different times. This is especially true of beach destinations, so if you're planning some island time as part of your trip, you might want to check out the comprehensive rainfall comparison chart on the Getting Started page.