Bangkok Hotels

Kempinski Hotel
The Siam Kempinski Hotel

There's a rich selection of places to stay in Bangkok. Everything from the world's top rated hotel to cheap hostels can be found. In the "top rated" category, you'll find the Oriental Hotel, which is consistently ranked one of the world's finest hotels year after year. This 125 year old landmark is worth a visit, even if you're not staying there.

Bangkok hotels can be had in a wide range of prices, even for the same quality. Location usually has something to do with it. A business class hotel in the heart of the city will normally run $150 or more a night, but if you get just a little ways outside of the central areas you can get an equivalent class of hotel for $80 or even $60 a night.

As I note above, location has a lot to do with price, and as in so many things, location is really key to enjoying your stay in Bangkok. For first-time visitors, a riverside hotel is highly recommended. They put you close to many of the main sights, and in the "coolest" part of town. Alternatively, a hotel in the central 'Siam' area of Bangkok is also good, and costs a bit less. If you really need to stretch your budget, then consider getting a hotel that's a bit further away from the center of town. There are a number of budget hotels that are quite nice, yet within a short walk of the train system.

Frequent business travelers who prefer to stay in the big chains in order to accumulate points or miles - or wanting to redeem them - will want to check out our list of international business hotels in Bangkok. Lastly, if you're looking something small or different, check out our list of Bangkok's boutique hotels.

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