Bangkok Essentials

No matter why you're visiting Bangkok or what you plan to do there, you still need a place to stay, a means of getting around and something to eat. Explore the links below to get detailed information on all the basics you need to know:

Getting To Bangkok
Most foreign visitors to Bangkok arrive by plane. Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International Airport (airport code: BKK) is the main gateway for visitors entering Thailand. Bangkok is a major hub and is serviced by all major international carriers, as well as many regional airlines.
Where to stay
There's a rich selection of places to stay in Bangkok. Everything from the world's top rated hotel to cheap hostels can be found.
Getting Around
Bangkok is a very large city. As many as 12 million people live there. The city has no real center, and a rather limited transportation infrastructure relative to many other cities its size.
Food & Drink
Like just about any big city, Bangkok is home to restaurants, bars and pubs of just about every type, size or description. You'll find a lot of Thai restaurants of course, representing all the major regional variations of Thai cuisine, plus most of the popular world foods like Italian, German, Indian, Japanese, etc. The bar scene is something for which Bangkok is famous, if not infamous.
Safety & Security
For a big city of more than 10 Million people, Bangkok is a relatively safe place. Violent crime, although far from unknown, is still somewhat rare. Muggings and other forms of direct confrontation are very 'un-Thai' and quite uncommon. A bigger crime problem is pick-pocketing in crowds. Always be aware of your belongings in crowded areas. Avoid fanny packs, which not only scream to the world that you're a tourist, but are also easy to cut and run with.
Travel Insurance
Speaking of safety and security, you really should have travel insurance.