Ratanakosin Walking Tour - Part II

Grand Palace Reviewing Stand
The balcony at the side of the Grand Palace where the king used to appear.

Turn left upon leaving the temple and continue down to the end of the road. You'll once again be facing the outer wall of the Grand Palace across Sanamchai Road. Turn right to walk northward towards the Ministry of Defense. On your right is the original Saranarom Palace building, now the foreign ministry, while across the road on your left you'll see a large balcony in the wall of the Grand Palace.

In the early days of Bangkok, the Grand Palace was essentially a self-contained city. It had its own wells and gardens, and all the functions of state were housed within the walls. There was no reason for the king to leave the palace at all. Naturally, there was a need for the king to show himself from time to time, and that is the function this balcony served.


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