Temple of the Emerald Buddha Museum

The building now housing the museum of the Temple of the Emerald Buddha was originally built by King Rama V to be the Royal Mint. The museum displays several artefacts associated with the Emerald Buddha and the Grand Palace. On the ground floor you'll find the bones of the former kings white elephants and old palanquins. Upstairs, the old costumes of the Emerald Buddha are on display as well as two models of the Grand Palace, one as it is today and the other depicting the palace when it was first built.

Temple of the Emerald Buddha Museum

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Beside the museum are arrayed many canons and other artefacts from the royal armory.

This is generally the last stop on any tour of the palace. You can exit through the alley beside the museum, or through the formal main gate in front of the Maha Chakri Hall.