Phra Mondop

The Phra Mondop was the first building built of the upper terrace. The Ho Phra Monthien Tham, a sort of library, originally stood on the site, but was burned down by fireworks soon after the temple was built. King Rama I decided to have the Mondop built in place of the Ho Phra Monthien Tham to house the revised edition of the Buddhist Canon.

Phra Mondop
The Phra Mondop in the Temple of the Emerald Buddha

The Phra Mondop is a copy of the mondop covering the Buddha's Footprint in Saraburi province. The walls of the Phra Mondop are covered in green mirrored tiles inlaid with gold medallions depicting Buddha. The base of the walls are lined with two rows of small gilded guardian angels, each one slightly different.

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At the four corners of the Phra Mondop are stone Buddhas carved in the nineth century Javanese style. Sixteen twelve-cornered columns support the intricate multi-tier roof.

The Phra Mondop is never open to the public.