Bangkok City Pillar

City pillars
The city pillars of Bangkok and Thonburi

Bangkok's city pillar lies off the northeast corner of the Grand Palace. The wooden stake was driven into the ground at 6:45 in the morning on the 21st of April 1782, a time determined by court astrologers to be the most auspicious. Most large Thai cities, expecial provincial capitals, have a city pillar, which acts as a sort of spirit house for the city's guardian spirits. Distances from most cities are measured from the city pillar, although distances from Bangkok are measured from the Victory Monument.

The pillar is protected by a small ornate pavilion. There are actually two golden shafts within the pavilion. The taller, more slender rod is the pillar for Thonburi, which was moved here when the two cities were merged back in the 1970s. No matter what day or time you come here, you will see people praying to the spirits, especially families hoping for children.

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