Best of Bangkok Restaurants

I post regular reviews of Bangkok resturants over on my travel journal, where the 'blog' format suits material that can become dated easily. Occasionally I do round-ups of the best places I've found for a given cuisine or type of food. The latest Best of Bangkok Restaurant posts are listed below.

Pad Thai
Vegetarian Pad Thai at Na Aroon restaurant
Bangkok's Best Sandwiches
Sandwiches are the Rodney Dangerfield of the food world, they don’t get no respect. Even burgers get ‘gourmet’ attention these days. But really, a good sandwich is a true work of art, getting just the right ingredients to go together
Bangkok's Best Cookies
It’s been a while since I tackled anything really important here, and what could be more important than finding a good cookie in Bangkok? What makes a good cookie? Well, first off it has to be soft. A hard cookie
Going Vegetarian - My Favorite Bangkok Restaurants Without Meat
I’m not a strict vegetarian. I like a little meat, but in recent years I’ve been emphasizing the ‘little’ more and more. I don’t necessarily eat meat at every meal, or even every day, and when I do eat it,
More Bangkok Cupcakes
My original post on Bangkok’s Best Cupcakes remains one of the most popular articles on the site. As it’s now more than a year and a half old, I thought it worth revisiting the subject. There are a few new
Bangkok's Best Cupcakes
While Thais are still queuing for hours to buy Krispy Kreme doughnuts – and expats are scratching their heads wondering why – I decided to see if I could find a decent cupcake; a fancy, frilly, frou-frou cupcake, like those
Southeast Asia's Best Cookies
Lists seem to be all the rage these days. Travel + Leisure has their list of the best resorts, while CNNgo has their list of froufrou Bangkok tea shops, but I’ve decided to take on something much more important, and