Bangkok For ... You

As the old cliché goes, Bangkok has “something for everyone.” While there are a number of standard tourist sights that most people see, if you have a particular passion, you can easily indulge it in this big city. Follow the links below that correspond to your particular interest.

Art Lovers
Although a bit short on notable modern buildings, Bangkok still has a rich architectural heritage that you can see, both in the palaces of the kings and princes as well as in the simple elegance of traditional teakwood houses.
History Buffs
Bangkok has a well-deserved reputation as one of the world's top ten shopping destinations. From traditional markets to gleaming new shopping malls, the city certainly does have a lot to offer. Of course, how “good” the shopping is, for you, will depend a lot on what exactly you're looking for. Imported luxury items are likely to be just as pricey in Bangkok as they are back home. The best buys are usually on things made locally. Read on for ideas on where and what to look for.