Bangkok Food & Drink

Like just about any big city, Bangkok is home to restaurants, bars and pubs of just about every type, size or description. You'll find a lot of Thai restaurants of course, representing all the major regional variations of Thai cuisine, plus most of the popular world foods like Italian, German, Indian, Japanese, etc. The bar scene is something for which Bangkok is famous, if not infamous.


Bangkok is home to an amazing range of restaurants representing all the world's major cuisines. Single outlet 'mom and pop' restaurants tend to come and go as styles - or rents - change, so we avoid listing them here. Several listings magazines, some of which are free, are available at many hotels and other tourist venues around town. Check these out for ideas on the current best places to eat in Bangkok. You can also check my own blog for reviews of Bangkok restaurants that I've tried.

Restaurant Chains

Thailand has its own home-grown national chains - in addition to the international fast food franchises - with branches in most major shopping malls around Bangkok. The food is generally of a high standard and these places often make a good place for a quick meal, plus you can always be sure they'll have a menu in English.

Black Canyon
Thailand's largest restaurant chain, Black Canyon has over 200 branches nationwide. Most branches are located in shopping centers, and they also have kiosks in many Skytrain stations in Bangkok. Black Canyon is mainly known for its extensive menu of coffees, but also serves a full food menu in most branches.
MK Suki
Although Thais call it suki, its more and adaptation of Japanese shabu shabu. Each table will have a small electric pan which is filled with a light chicken stock. You then add whatever meats and vegetables suit your fancy. This is definitely something a little different for most westerners, and it's a good choice for larger groups. Most shopping centers will have an MK Suki branch.
S & P Restaurants
S&P offers a large menu of standard Thai dishes that are well suited to western palates. The food is good if not very special. You'll find S&P restaurants all over Thailand, mostly in major shopping centers.
13 Coins
A small chain of diners with an extensive menu of Thai and western dishes. Some branches in shopping centers, but also many branches in out of the way roadside locations. These often have a "roadhouse" feel to them.
Joom Saap / Barbecue Plaza
Most locations combine two styles in one place. Joom Saap is a shabu shabu concept along the lines of MK Suki, although the stock provided has more herbs and spices than MK, making it one of our favorites. At Barbecue Plaza you cook your order on a hot metal dome at your table.

Bars and Pubs

Bangkok is full of bars, pubs and nightclubs of just about every size and description. In local terms, a bar serves only drinks and any food is usually limited to snacks, while a pub serves cooked food in addition to mixed drinks. Some pubs are more popular for their food than for their drinks.

Like restaurants, drinking establishments tend to come and go as trends change, although there are several old 'institutions' around town. The list below is the result of suggestions submitted by our visitors. If you would like to suggest a site for inclusion here, please use our site suggestion form.

Q Bar Bangkok
"The undisputed heart of this party city, Bangkok Thailand, Q Bar has ushered in a new standard for bars and nightclubs in South East Asia. Located on Sukhumvit Road, Soi 11 Q bar hosts the largest selection of spirits and cocktails in Bangkok. The resident DJ's spin the latest grooves from around the world, such as House music, Hip-hop, chill out lounge, and Soulful Jazz. All packed into a New York lounge style atmosphere with a retro 1960s decor. Nightlife in Bangkok will never be the same."