Purchasing and Using Bangkok Subway Tickets

Subway Ticket Machine
Subway ticketing machine, found in all stations.

Single-trip tickets can be purchased from the ticketing machines located in every station. The machines take coins and paper bills up to 100 Baht. Exact change is not required. The first step is to select your destination. The touch-screen displays show Thai by default. Press the big button labeled "English" in the upper right corner of the screen to see station names displayed in English.

After selecting the destination, the fare will be displayed. Adult fares run 15 to 40 Baht (0.39 USD to 1.04 USD). Insert enough coins or bills to cover the fare. Your ticket and change will be dispensed into the slot below the display screen. Single-trip "tickets" are small plastic coin-shaped tokens.

Other ticket options for visitors include one-day and three-day passes. One-day prices are good for unlimited travel on the day of issue (from first use until midnight) and cost 120 Baht 3.12 USD). Three-day passes are good for unlimited travel for three days, from the first use until midnight two days later, and cost 230 Baht 5.97 USD). These tickets must be purchased from the ticket counters located in every station.

To use your ticket, go to the entry gates and tap you ticket on the ticket reader located on top of the gate, just in front of the small display screen. There is no need to insert your ticket anywhere, you just have to get it close to the card reader. At your destination, single-trip tokens must be inserted in the slots at the ticket gates, while multi-trip cards are again just tapped on the card reader.

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