Bangkok Skytrain Ticketing Machines

Single trip tickets for the Skytrain cost 15 to 40 Baht (0.39 USD to 1.04 USD), depending on the distance traveled. Tickets may be purchased from the machines in each station. There are currently two types of machines in use:

Original ticket machines
The original Skytrain ticket machines.

The original Skytrain ticket machines are very simple. Perhaps too simple, since it seems their design is rather short-sighted. To use them, you need to use the charts beside the machines to find your destination and note the number shown. Moving to the ticket machine, press the numbered button corresponding to your destination. The required fare will be displayed. These machines take only 5 and 10 Baht coins, no bills and no smaller coins. After inserting the correct amount, your ticket will be issued.

New ticket machines
New automated Skytrain ticket machines.

As Skytrain ridership grew and the crush of people needing change became overwhelming, BTS began installing more sophisticated ticketing machines. The new machines are very similar to the ones used by the subway, and operate in a very similar fashion. Select your destination from the touch screen display, then insert the appropriate amount of money. Unlike the old machines, the new machines take 20, 50 and 100 Baht notes in addition to 5 and 10 Baht coins. At present, there is generally on one of these new machines in each ticketing area.

Skytrain single-trip tickets are credit-card sized bits of thin plastic. You enter the station by inserting the tickets into the slot on the front of the gate, then removing them from the top. At your destination, you again insert the card into the slot on the front of the gates, but the card will be retained by the gate. Multi-trip cards use the tap-pads on top of the gates for both entry and exit.