Queen Sirikit Park

While the landscape of Wachira Benchathat Park to the north still belies its origins as a golf course, the area that has been set aside to honor the Queen has been transformed into a series of formal gardens. It's still very much a work in progress, although much of the landscaping is now complete.

Formal Gardens
Some of the formal gardens of Queen Sirikit Park

Beneath the well-manicured surface there's actually an educational mission this park is trying to achieve. Several areas of the park are devoted to specific types of plants that are important to Thai culture in one way or another. There is a large area of lotus ponds near the center of the park, while on the northern side is a big palm grove. On the eastern side near the Children's Museum is a bamboo grove that includes some small rice paddies (did you know rice is part of the bamboo family? I didn't.)

Unlike its neighbor Wachira Benchathat Park, which was made for bike riding, you are not supposed to ride within Queen Sirikit Park. You're supposed to park your bike and walk within this park.