Chatuchak District

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Chatuchak District

The Chatuchak district takes its name from the large park but it's probably better known for the vast weekend market of the same name. There are many maps to the market, and free ones are available from the tourist office at the southwest edge of the market. Interestingly, a number of quite recent maps still don't show the extensive new section of the market, which has been open for many years.

Chatuchak District Map
Chatuchak Area Map
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The market is famous (or infamous) for having just about everything you might need, and a lot of things you probably didn't even know you needed. The large new section, which almost doubles the space you have to cover, is more open and airy that the older market. It has a lot of household decor, and if you go even further you'll find a huge section dedicated to tropical fish of every shape, color and size.

Beyond the market are several large parks, carved out of what was once a private golf course for State Railway big-wigs. There are a number of trail and bikes for rent if you want some exercise. In addition to all that, here's what you'll find:

Children's Museum
Just across the small street marking the northern extent of the market is a museum dedicated to helping children explore the sciences and natural world. Its oriented towards Thai children, so its probably not a place to keep your own kids occupied. The museum does sit in a large park which links up with Queen's park.
Queen's Park
A relatively new park created in 2000 on land formerly occupied by the State Railway golf course. It still looks a bit like a golf course, but several fairways have been turned into soccer pitches or tennis courts.
Bang Sue Rail Station
The station at Bang Sue junction is the last stop trains make before the lines split between southern and northern/northeastern. Almost all trains stop here, so you can get on just about any train at this station, although it might be hard to find a seat.