Chinatown Gateway

Chinatown Gate
The formal gateway to Chinatown in the Odeon traffic circle.

The Chinatown Gate in the middle of the Odeon traffic circle marks the ceremonial entrance to one end of Chinatown. The gate is a relatively recent addition to the sights of the city. It was built in 1999 to commemorate the King's 72nd birthday, and celebrates the cultural diversity of the modern city.

The gate was just one of the most notable projects that marked the transition of Chinatown from a rather seedy district into a tourist destination in its own right. That transition continues to this day, with the massive redevelopment of Wat Traimit and other projects.

Offerings and prayers are made at the gate, especially during the annual Chinese New Year celebrations, which are generally centered around the gate. It's not unusual, although not a given, that the roads around the gate are closed during the holidays.